A focus group study:
Interaction and knowledge sharing among physiotherapists in community and specialist health services

Scientific article in Fysioterapeuten 11/2012


Kaja Giltvedt, spesialist i barnefysioterapi, cand.san, Frambu Senter for sjeldne funksjonshemninger. E-post:
Tone Sætrang, spesialist i barnefysioterapi, cand san, Oslo Universitetssykehus, Kvinne- og barneklinikken.
Sidsel Tveiten, Dr. polit., 1. amanuensis, Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Avdeling for helse, ernæring og ledelse.

Purpose:To investigate the views of paediatric physiotherapists about interaction and knowledge sharing and how this best can be practiced.

Design: A qualitative study based on focus group interviews.

Material: 25 physiotherapists who all had experience working with children and youth in need of habilitation services from both service levels.

Method: Three focus group interviews were conducted in which understanding of the concepts of knowledge sharing and collaboration and reflection related to how this can be practiced were discussed.

Findings and interpretations:One main theme and eight sub-themes emerged through the qualitative content analysis. Main theme: The importance of recognition and structure of interaction and knowledge sharing. The sub-themes: 1: Knowledge sharing and cooperation - mutual assumptions. 2: The flow of knowledge, actions and decisions. 3: Individualization of knowledge, actions and decisions. 4: Equivalence between knowledge types.
5: Recognition, dialogue and participation 6: Collaborating on services required by law. 7: Improving procedures for cooperation. 8: Sufficient work conditions.

Conclusion:The study has identified some challenges and a need for discussion on collaboration and knowledge sharing. It is recommended, for example, to organize a workshop where these issues are further developed. 

Keywords: paediatric physiotherapy, collaboration, knowledge sharing, community and specialist health services

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