The Norwegian Journal of Physiotherapy

The Norwegian Journal of Physiotherapy - Tidsskriftet Fysioterapeuten - is published by the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association. It was established in 1934 and now has a circulation of about 9.000.

It is  distributed mainly to physiotherapists and students who are members of the association, but copies are also sent to libraries, institutions and health authorities.

The journal has 11 issues per year and contains news, feature stories and interviews from the world of physiotherapy and related areas. The journal's scientific articles are peer reviewed and indexed in the databases AMED, PEDro and SveMed+. Most of our scientific articles are in Norwegian, but we also allow articles in English, Swedish and Danish. All peer reviewed articles have English abstract and title.

Since 2002 a full text version of the journal has been freely available on our website:

This website is regularly updated with news on general health, physiotherapy research and professional development.  All scientific articles from the journal are being published and indexed on our website.

The journal and its website is also Norway’s largest advertising arena for physiotherapists. That applies to physiotherapy products, job vacancies, meetings and conferences.

We have a staff of four. The editor in chief is Ms. Dagrun Lindvaag.

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Scientific editor: John Henry Strupstad
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